Who We Are & What We Do

The NYVCA is made up of dedicated coaches from across New York State, with the single hope of building the sport of volleyball through knowledge sharing, player and coach recognition, and clinic and training sessions.

The organization, as a whole, has been created to advance the sport of volleyball with AVCA coaches at the epicenter of leadership, advocacy and professional development. This continues to be the goal in New York as well, while also creating recognition for coaches and players, while giving this state’s coaches the viable resources they need to be successful in their field.
We envision an organization that can help uplift the players and coaches of New York state through valuable clinics, knowledge sharing, and the ability to recognize the hard work and dedication of the players and their coaches.
TODO – Membership application instructions, along with what the AVCA does and how members can use it.

Meet Your Officers

Gary Bynon
Gary BynonPresident
Mark Finegan
Mark FineganVice President
Peggy Seese
Peggy SeeseTreasurer
Mike Calvello
Mike CalvelloAssistant Treasurer
Patti Perone
Patti PeroneSecretary

Meet Your Board Members

Cathy Stanilka
Cathy StanilkaBoard Member
Jon Marcussen
Jon MarcussenBoard Member
Anne Marie Née
Anne Marie NéeBoard Member
Kathy McGeehan
Kathy McGeehanBoard Member
MaryAnne Lake
MaryAnne LakeBoard Member
Ryan Clouse
Ryan ClouseWebmaster

Your Section Representatives

  • Mark Finegan – Section 1 Boys
  • Anne Marie Nee – Section 1 Girls
  • Heidi Brower – Section 2 Boys
  • Christina Coons – Section 2 Girls
  • Mike Lucia – Section 3 Boys
  • Mary Jo Cerqua – Section 3 Girls
  • Crissie Russo – Section 4 Boys
  • Rob Arciolla – Section 4 Girls
  • Kyle Salisbury – Section 5 Boys
  • Matt Glover – Section 5 Girls
  • Jon Marcussen – Section 6 Boys
  • Deb Matos – Section 6 Girls
  • Kayla Rief – Section 7 Girls
  • Matt Rivera – Section 8 Boys
  • Cheryl Scalise – Section 8 Girls
  • Jeff Moulton – Section 9 Girls
  • Sue McLean – Section 10 Girls
  • Suzanne Legge – Section 11 Girls
  • Matt Rivera – Section 11 Boys
  • Cathy Von Schoenermarck – Non NYSPSHAA Schools
  • Don Pieczynski – Non NYSPSHAA Schools